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ISG Groeifonds

600+ licenses, 24 countries, 200.000+ users

Our first participation is in ISG Groeifonds. ISG Groeifonds with her subsidiary Interstellar Sports Group owns the IP of Dotcomsport and SportAnalysisTV, both cloud based software products to enhance performance and develop football. Customers are KNVB, US Soccer Federation, Malaysian Football Association, Football Association of Saudi Arabia, Football Association of Estonia, FC Utrecht, CSKA Sofia, Al Kharafa, Lokomotiv Tiblissi, etc. Dotcomsport has partnered with the Dutch FA (KNVB) to exploit Rinus International, its football learning platform.


Dotcomsport was founded in 2008 and offers amateur and professional football clubs and national federations the most complete online Club Management System. This allows all those involved in the football organisation (players and staff members) to be optimally engaged in developing players, teams and coaches according to a unified and structured methodology. 

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SportsanalysisTV is an online video analysis platform that improves coaching and player performance and help them to find coachable key moments during and after the match. Live and post match tagging will give the coaching staff the possibility to share important match moments to players. Tag, share and analyze  important match moments to improve team and player performance.

Dotcomsport clients

Improving their teams and players


A data-driven platform, built for players and their development.

JOGO helps all parties involved get insights into a player’s performance at home, during a training session, or a match, providing the complete solution for player development. Use objective data to see a player’s progress and to make decisions.

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