Are you an entrepreneur in sports tech and/or data? And is your company ready for the next step?

DSTF: funding for (sports) tech companies

Dutch Sport Tech Fund provides financial resources, expertise and the network to take companies to the next phase.

Management first makes a quick scan of potential sports tech companies. If the quick scan shows that the company offers sufficient opportunities, the Innovation Committee and then the Investment Committee will make an assessment that will determine the investment decision.

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The criteria for possible investments in a company must be clear and consistent:
  • Entrepreneur: does the entrepreneur show full and full-time commitment to his company? Does the entrepreneur have ‘skin in the game’?
  • Scalability: Does the company offer a scalable product? Is it a cloud-based product available in multiple languages? Does it generate multiple revenue streams?
  • Innovation: does the company offer an innovative product (or service)?
  • IP: does the company own the intellectual property rights for its product(s) and/or service(s)?
    Income: is the company already generating real income?
  • Market: does the company have (a chance of) a significant market share?
  • Profit: is a 15% annualized ROI possible?
  • Exit strategy: does the company have an exit strategy (between now and 5 years)?
  • Sectors: the company is active in one of the following sectors: Human Performance, Fan Engagement, Data Analytics, OTT, Esports and Fantasy Sports.

Does your company meet these criteria?

Then we may be looking for you!
Start the quick scan for your company.
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